Deciphering the complexities of Neurodegeneration and Neuroinflammation with gene expression profiling

  • 9:30 am (PDT)
Speakers: Kelly Miller, Ph.D., Field Applications Scientist, NanoString

In this webinar, we demonstrate the robust performance of the nCounter® Analysis platform for gene expression profiling of human post-mortem brain specimens, human blood samples and tissue from mouse models of neurodegenerative disease with an emphasis on performance and reproducibility in FFPE samples. We will discuss data generated using post-mortem Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease brain tissue that was profiled with our new Neuropathology gene expression panel, which includes 770 curated RNA transcripts. This panel allows for a broad and comprehensive assessment of relevant pathways and processes in neurodegenerative disease and important biological insights are revealed by analyzing these precious samples on the nCounter platform.

FOR RESEARCH USE ONLY. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.