Developing an Immuno-Oncology Tool Box for Spatial and Non-Spatial Profiling of Nucleic Acid and Proteins in Clinically-Relevant Samples

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One of the most significant hurdles facing the field of immuno-oncology is the limitation of technology’s ability to reveal the complex molecular machinery that regulates the tumor microenvironment in clinically-relevant specimens. Bringing new immune-targeted therapeutics to the clinic requires the ability to understand the mechanism of action as well as the co-development of companion diagnostics. Through new technological developments built on the well-established NanoString nCounter® platform, the simultaneous profiling of DNA, RNA, and protein in clinically-relevant samples is now readily achievable. NanoString has developed content and methods to allow digital quantification of both cell surface and intracellular protein targets that are essential to immuno-oncology research. Using the nCounter platform, it is now possible to simultaneously quantify 770 RNA transcripts plus 30 proteins from as few as 20,000 cells. Key targets include immune cell population markers, immune checkpoint proteins, transcription factors, chemokines, and cytokines. In this webinar, we will describe the development, validation and applications of this innovative multi-analyte technology. We will also describe how we have expanded this technology to provide spatial context to these molecular signatures within clinically-relevant specimens. Together, this new technology can accelerate immuno-oncology research to support the discovery and development of novel immunotherapies and their associated companion diagnostics.