Introduction to the NanoString Bulk & Spatial Technology: nCounter, GeoMx, and CosMx at UF Scripps


Thursday, May 19th | 9:30 AM EDT

University of Florida, Scripps | Room B158

Speakers: Amy Johnson, PhD | Technical Sales Specialist & Greg Bauer | Senior Regional Account Manager

Join us for an exciting seminar at the University of Florida, Scripps where you will learn more about the NanoString Technology. The GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) combines the best of spatial and molecular profiling technologies by generating a whole tissue image at single cell resolution and digital profiling data for 10’s-1,000’s of RNA or Protein analytes for up to 12 tissue slides per day. This unique combination of high-plex, high-throughput spatial profiling enables researchers to rapidly and quantitatively assess the biological implications of the heterogeneity within tissue samples. In addition, the streamlined GeoMx DSP workflow seamlessly integrates with current histology or genomic workflows ultimately enabling researchers to rapidly obtain robust and reproducible spatial multiomics data.

The nCounter platform provides a simple and cost-effective solution for multiplex analysis of up to 800 RNA, DNA, or protein targets.  Accelerate your research with just 15 minutes total hands-on time without amplification, cDNA conversion, or library prep and generate publication ready figures in ~24 hours. In addition, there will be a high level overview of the newly announced CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager, the first high-plex in situ analysis platform that can provide spatial multiomics with FFPE and FF tissue samples at cellular and subcellular resolution.

Please register by May 16 as coffee and pastries will be provided!