Introduction to nCounter Gene Expression | University of Illinois Chicago

  • 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm (CDT)
Building 2COMRB and Room 3175, University of Illinois Chicago
Speakers: Rahul Rattan, PhD, Field Application Scientist

University of Illinois Chicago and Nanostring invite you to a seminar on multiplexed RNA expression analysis with the nCounter® Analysis System.

nCounter is a cost effective automated solution for multiplex analysis of 800+ targets. The simple workflow requires short hands-on time and produces highly reproducible data, requiring no amplification or technical replicates in ~24 hours.

What to expect during this seminar:

  • Technology Overview of nCounter Analysis System
  • Case studies
  • Short overview of nCounter Summer Research Program

Please reach out to Erika Pladies with any questions,

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