Quantitative, high-plex, spatially-informed biomarker discovery

  • 8:00 am (PDT)
Speakers: Dr. David Rimm, Yale University School of Medicine

A Nature Research Presentation

Spatial information is the underlying basis of all of anatomic pathology, yet capture and clinical use of that information has largely been limited to subjective morphology and single analyte immunohistochemistry. this may be due to the inherent challenges of image segmentation and multiplexing.

Digital spatial profiling (DSP) technology presents an opportunity to use molecular compartmentalization to address the problem of segmentation, and digital analysis to address the issue of subjectivity.

In this webcast, the speaker will discuss how molecular compartmentalization can generate spatially-informed data for biomarker discovery, and share new information about how the digital nature of the approach has the potential to take DSP to the clinic.