Simultaneous multi-analyte profiling of rare antigen specific T cells with 3D Flow™ Analysis

Speakers: Dr. Karen Anderson M.D., Ph.D., Arizona State University and Doug Hinerfeld, Ph.D., Principal Product Application Scientist, NanoString

In this webinar, we feature Dr. Karen Anderson who utilized 3D Flow Analysis to deeply profile antigen specific T cells. Hear about the exciting biology uncovered from these rare cells utilizing this novel technique.

Recent advances in flow and mass cytometry have greatly expanded the number of immune cell parameters that can be interrogated, resulting in an improved understanding of the immune system heterogeneity. However, despite these advances, the immense variety of immune cell phenotype/function requires increasingly sophisticated analytical approaches to analysis.

To help address the need for new analytical techniques of rare flow sorted samples, we developed 3D Flow™ Analysis, a streamlined workflow that seamlessly integrates standard immune cell flow sorting with downstream NanoString nCounter® analysis. This new workflow enables the highly multiplexed digital detection of 770 RNA and 30 proteins from a single biological specimen.