So many antigens, So little time: Mechanisms of Immune Exhaustion with nCounter

  • 3:00 pm (GMT)
Live webinar with Q&A session
Speakers: Dr Erin Piazza

The immune system is finely tuned to respond appropriately to stimulation, whether by responding vigorously or tolerating antigens that represent self, thus preventing autoimmunity. However, in cancer and chronic infections, these same cells can become exhausted and thus fail to respond to real threats that simply overwhelm the system. We know that the state of exhaustion is complex and alters expression of a multitude of genes, and is influenced by a symphony of different signals from other signaling pathways and surrounding cells. Finally, in studies of exhausted cells, effector functions may be impaired but actually reflect an alternate immune status, such as anergy or senescence. We present a novel 785 gene panel to cover these many changes reflective of exhaustion and related immune states, including pathways and cell types that influence the exhausted state.