The Impact of Breast Cancer Heterogeneity on Therapeutic Approach

  • 9:00 am (PDT)
Speakers: The Impact of Breast Cancer Heterogeneity on Therapeutic Approach

Transcriptional profiling for breast cancer has led to the development of several risk assessment assays for clinical management. While these prognostic tests have demonstrated clinical utility, there is a need to derive more predictive tests to move precision medicine forward.   However, many cancers are highly complex mixtures of different sub-populations of cells and are influenced by their microenvironment. This is critical to patient treatment – if only part of the tumor or microenvironment population is eliminated using current chemotherapy or targeted therapy, surviving cells will reappear or spread, leading to treatment failure and death. This heterogeneity within cancers explains, in part, why the majority of current therapeutic approaches for cancer work best when multiple agents are combined. This webinar presentation will discuss transcriptional profiles taken from multifocal and unifocal breast cancers with the nCounter® Breast Cancer 360™ Panel and analyzed with the Breast Cancer 360 Data Analysis Report as well as the potential impact of tumor heterogeneity on treatment decision making.  As part of a larger study of tumor heterogeneity, these transcriptional profiles will be integrated with targeted sequencing of key cancer driver genes to identify the extent of DNA diversity. This will allow a move towards improving not only risk asessement, but stratification for targeted therapies; ultimately improving the clinical management of breast cancer.

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