The Need for Digital Spatial Profiling for Host-Pathogen Interaction: A York Perspective

  • 8:00 am (PDT)
Speakers: Dr. Peter O'Toole, Director of the Bioscience Technology Facility, and Head of Imaging and Cytometry, Department of Biology, University of York

A GenomeWeb Webinar Presentation

Core facilities support a broad range of scientific studies and must constantly integrate new technologies and analysis to underpin their users’ research. Areas for development include higher multiplex capabilities, greater quantification, correlation to other tools, as well as multi-omics.

In this webinar, Peter O’Toole, Director of the University of York’s Bioscience Technology Facility, will share his experience integrating digital spatial profiling into the core. He will describe how this technology fits into the wider set of complementary platforms and techniques at the core, with the GeoMx DSP delivering high-plex, quantitative imaging for both protein and RNA studies.

Using the example of leshmaniasis, he will also talk about early successes using the DSP for developing a new understanding of host-pathogen interaction in specific tissue microenvironments. Future applications will support neuroscience, oncology, immunology, and infectious disease.

For Research Use Only.  Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.