Transforming Human Health: New Developments in Cell and Gene Therapy Research

  • 10:00 am (PDT)
Speakers: Erin Piazza, PhD, Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, NanoString Technologies

Cellular therapy is a rapidly advancing field that has the potential to transform human health. As the momentum with cellular therapies continues to grow, so do the tools available to drive innovation. NanoString has a rich history of providing multi-omic solutions for generating robust biological data for CAR-T research and development. NanoString also has a portfolio of panels providing solutions for cellular therapy in the fields of cancer, autoimmunity, organ transplant and infectious disease. Recently, NanoString expanded into the field of stem cell research with the launch of a deep molecular characterization panel. Join us for a review of key tools and new developments in cellular research solutions with Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Erin Piazza, PhD.

For Research Use Only. Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.

Erin Piazza, PhD

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist
NanoString Technologies