Changes to VAT for UK & NI Customers

The effective date for Brexit is the 1st of January 2021. As of that day, The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland the “UK”) will no longer be part of the European Union (the “EU”) for VAT and customs purposes. This change requires a change in invoicing practices specific to UK based customers.
Nanostring Technologies, Inc., as United States based company, is planning to continue ownership of the freight and import process for all products it is shipping into the UK. However, due to the changes in intracommunity supply rules following Brexit, these imports will  now be considered a “local supply” within the UK. As a result, Nanostring products destined to UK based customers will now require a 20% VAT to be included on our invoices.

View the Letter to Customers: VAT changes resulting from Brexit – Nanostring Technologies, Inc. (United States)

If you are a VAT exempt entity within the UK and you have provided supporting documentation to Nanostring, no VAT will be included on future invoices.

If you are a VAT exempt entity within the UK and have not provided supporting documentation to Nanostring, please send your UK VAT number and any VAT exemption certificate to VAT charges will be applied in the absence of this information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens when a quote or an order was placed in 2020?

As we will be shipping and invoicing in 2021, all new legislation shall be applied.

It is a legal requirement that VAT be applied to all invoices dated from January 1st 2021. This is regardless of whether the quote or order was created before this date.

Are Service contracts subject to VAT from 2021?

Yes, they are.

What happens if my organisation is VAT exempt?

Please send your Tax ID numbers and VAT certificates to

Where no VAT Certificate is provided, VAT will be applied to all future invoices.

What if I have questions?

Please direct all questions regarding the application of VAT to