Introduction to the CosMx Webinar series and “The single-cell spatial revolution: CosMx SMI”


North America: 9 AM (PDT)
Europe: 6 PM (CEST)


Single-cell Giant Leaps 

Insights obtained from single-cell analysis are critically important to better understand how disease starts, progresses, and responds to therapy.  But when it comes to the world of a cell, spatial context matters. What kind of cell are you?  How do you interact with your neighbors?  What’s in your cellular neighborhood?

The CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI) gives you a clear picture of the cellular environment in tissue sections that is sorely lacking from single-cell genomics, where cells are dissociated from their neighborhoods.

Come with us on a journey into the neighborhoods of single cells with a webinar series featuring ten leading researchers who are using CosMx SMI to gain deeper insights into cellular and subcellular gene and protein expression.  The opening session gives an interactive overview of CosMx SMI and how it works.

Learn from researchers who are key opinion leaders in their fields of immunology, oncology, and infectious disease about how cell atlasing, cell state and neighborhood/niche analysis, and cell-cell interaction mapping can take translational research to even higher levels of precision.

Explore the limitless possibilities with the highest-plex RNA offering and layer on spatial proteomics to uncover the intricacies of events occurring within and around single cells.


Vikram Devgan Ph.D
Business Unit Lead – Spatial Genomics
NanoString Technologies