nCounter Insights Seminar Series: Navigating Applications, Streamlining Workflows, and Mastering Data Analysis

Hybrid Seminar

Join us for an advanced exploration of the nCounter® Analysis System in our new two-part summer seminar series. Delve deep into comparing the nCounter with other gene expression profiling technologies, while uncovering intricate applications, advanced workflows, and cutting-edge best practices for sample preparation. Elevate your expertise with in-depth insights into data analysis to unlock the full potential of your gene expression data.

Thursday, June 20:
Optimizing nCounter: Advanced Insights into Workflow, Applications, and Sample Strategies

In this advanced session, delve into the nCounter, a trusted method for gene expression profiling with over 7,000 peer-reviewed publications. Explore its diverse applications across various research focuses, and gain insights into sample considerations. Take an in-depth look at the workflow to enhance your understanding of this powerful system.


Aparna Natarajan, M.S.
Sr. Field Application Scientist, NanoString Technologies

Emanuela Zacco, Ph.D.
Laboratory for Cell Analysis-Genome Core Manager, UCSF-Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center

Thursday, July 11:
Advanced Data Analysis: Exploring nSolver and Rosalind for nCounter Data

Dive into advanced data analysis techniques spotlighting nSolver and Rosalind Bio software platforms for nCounter data. Gain insights into diverse analyses and comprehend resulting outputs, as well as exploring quality control methods. Uncover Rosalind Bio’s subscription options for accessing the robust cloud-based platform.


Aparna Natarajan, M.S.
Sr. Field Application Scientist, NanoString Technologies

Ryan Friese, Ph.D.
Director of Customer Success, Rosalind

Tim Wesselman
President and CEO, Rosalind