GeoMx Translational Leadership Network


Help define spatial multi-omics research.

Apply to join the GeoMx® Translational Leadership Network (GTLN) and help find answers to the biggest biological questions using spatial profiling.

The GTLN will pioneer the application of spatial biology in large translational research studies, developing and sharing standardized practices to facilitate collaboration between groups of researchers across multiple institutions.

GTLN membership provides the opportunity to join focused consortia to develop GeoMx data standards to enable meta-analyses of shared spatial data sets in specific research areas. Consortia will define spatial imaging and profiling standards with the goal of addressing critical questions that cannot be answered with limited sample sets. To date, the GLTN includes members of the GeoMx Breast Cancer Consortium, established in 2019, and the newly established GeoMx COVID-19 Consortium. More consortia will be formed to cover additional oncology, immunology, and neuroscience applications.

Members will also have access to member-only product development updates, early access to new reagents, and dedicated support to enable multi-institution studies.

Join the community, bring your biggest spatial scientific challenges and be a part of defining new standards in spatial biology! Apply today.