Spatial Data Analysis Service

Spatial Informatics Simplified with sDAS​

Introducing sDAS (Spatial Data Analysis Service), NanoString’s premier data analysis service for spatial biology experiments run on the GeoMx® DSP with readout on the nCounter® Analysis System or Illumina NGS.

sDAS enables scientists and researchers to go from spatial data to biological insights without the need for bioinformatics or programming experience.

Screenshot of SDAS interface

sDAS Highlights

  • Work 1-on-1 with NanoString computational biologists specializing in spatial data analysis
  • End-to-end analysis from raw data through QC to tertiary analysis of GeoMx DSP assays
  • Receive an easy to understand, shareable data report with presentation-ready data visualizations
  • Open code sharing supports seamless integration with existing analysis workflows
  • Rapid turn-around time removes analysis bottlenecks and accelerates discoveries
  • Availability of fully customizable analysis services

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