nCounter® Sprint Profiler

Gene Expression You Can Count On

Are you looking for a system that integrates sample prep and analysis into a single instrument to minimize manual steps and streamline your overall workflow?

The nCounter® Sprint Profiler is an all-in-one benchtop nCounter Analysis System that combines the function of the nCounter Pro Prep Station and Digital Analyzer into one instrument to produce gold-standard multiplex data and save bench space by fitting on a single laboratory bench.

Hybridized samples are loaded into a SPRINT cartridge, where a series of microfluidic chambers purifies and immobilizes the fluorescent Reporter Probes and readies them for imaging. Images are processed, and output files include gene names along with associated count numbers.

How it Works

The nCounter Analysis System is powered by a simple, efficient and scalable workflow.

The nCounter SPRINT Profiler is a single instrument designed to let you digitally examine multiple pathways in a single tube and with an extraction-free workflow requiring only 10 minutes of hands-on time. Go from sample to answer in <24 hours even with difficult sample types, including FFPE tissue.


Maximize Sample: 

Analyze 10s to 100s of targets simultaneously using single-tube multiplexing and avoid waste by eliminating RNA extraction; process crude cell lysates from as few as 2,500 cells.


Boost Productivity:

Deploy this technology without the need to hire additional staff and free your team to advance other parts of your research project.


Simplify Data:

Get results in a simple CSV file that contains direct counts for each target. Import it into your favorite application or use the included nSolver Analysis Software for convenient data analysis.


Detect Small Fold Changes: 

Generate high quality data from less sample input while simplifying your workflow. Eliminate cDNA synthesis, amplification, and library prep and experience less technical variation in your assay.

nCounter Sprint Workflow

The four-step nCounter workflow: Setup, Hybridization, Load, Analyze

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