CosMx™ RNA Assays

High-Plex Single-Cell Spatial

CosMx™ SMI RNA Assays enable high-plex analysis of up to 6000 genes from a single FFPE slide with spatial context at cellular and sub-cellular levels. CosMx RNA assays are designed to provide robust cell typing, cell-cell interaction analysis, and more in a wide range of human and mouse tissues and disease states. Profile expression of highly curated targets at subcellular resolution and customize some assays with your own targets.

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How it works

The CosMx RNA Assays are fully validated for the CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager, providing robust tissue mapping, cell typing, and analysis of cell states and interactions on a wide range of human and mouse tissues. CosMx RNA assays are designed to provide a wealth of genomic breadth with ultra-high-plex RNA panels that can provide high numbers of genes detected per sample.



High-plex imaging of RNA and proteins at subcellular resolution in fixed tissue by spatial molecular imaging

Resolving the spatial distribution of RNA and protein in tissues at subcellular resolution is a challenge in the field of spatial biology. We describe spatial molecular imaging, a system that measures RNAs and proteins in intact biological samples at subcellular resolution by performing multiple cycles of nucleic acid hybridization of fluorescent molecular barcodes.

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