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With robust performance on even the most difficult samples and unparalleled flexibility… that’s Gene Expression You Can Count On!

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Become a Part of the Spatial Biology Revolution

“I have really enjoyed becoming a part of the company and teaching our customers more about the technologies NanoString offers and how to apply them to push their research forward.”

Amanda Mason

Field Applications Scientist

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“NanoString is a uniquely innovative place to work, as we get to do far more exciting and cutting-edge science than most companies our size. We experience the thrill of building technologies alongside the satisfaction that comes from participating in research advancing patient care for a broad range of disease areas.”

Erin Piazza

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist

Erin Piazza

“At NanoString Technologies I have a great opportunity to work with outstanding engineers and be part of the leading edge of gene expression instrumentation.”

Edgar Ali Lazcano Romano

Quality Control Engineer III

Amansa Mason smiling outdoors
Erin Piazza


CosMx™ Human Whole Transcriptome Panel
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