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Gain insight from your nCounter data quickly with several analysis options that fit your lab’s needs. Choose from the free, on-premises nSolver™ Analysis Software with the optional Advanced Analysis Module or cloud-based ROSALIND®.

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nSolver Analysis Software
nSolver Analysis Software

Is an integrated analysis platform for storage  and custom QC/normalization, of nCounter data. It generates highly tailored exports, basic statistical outputs, and publication-quality figures quickly and easily with no incremental cost or need for bioinformatics expertise.

  • Recommended QC on each sample
  • Tunable normalization and fold-change measurements
  • Statistical significance testing
  • Comprehensive and detailed searches from anywhere in the application
  • Compatible with standard analysis programs including Ingenuity Pathway Analysis, Partek Genomics Suite, BioDiscovery Nexus Copy Number, Advaita iPathwayGuide



ROSALIND is cloud-based, runs in a web browser, and provides an intuitive experience that’s designed with life scientists in mind. There is no software to install, and it’s always up-to-date. You don’t have to be an expert in statistics or bioinformatics. You can process nCounter RCC files directly in ROSALIND or start from a collection of experiments exported from nSolver. There are guided modules for normalization, QC, pathway analysis, differential expression, gene set analysis and PlexSet/multi-RLF support

Learn more here: ROSALIND

ROSALIND helps you get the most out of your nCounter data with:

  • An intuitive user interface
  • Interactive charts and figures
  • Integration with 50+ knowledge bases enabling deep exploration of data sets
  • Data-sharing with collaborators inside and outside your organization
  • nCounter customers can access ROSALIND free of charge at

For questions regarding using ROSALIND, please contact

How it Works

Getting Started with nSolver Analysis Software
Data Quality and Normalize with nSolver
nCounter Advanced Analysis
Getting Started with nSolver Analysis Software
Data Quality and Normalize with nSolver

Quickly determine data quality and normalize with nSolver

Understand differences between subsets of an experiment without making any assumptions about the underlying statistical distribution.
Identify relationships between data sets and evaluate gene expression.
Identify trends in the relationship between two variables with little or no manipulation
nCounter Advanced Analysis

The Advanced Analysis add-on for nSolver extends your analysis capabilities for a deeper understanding of cell populations and pathway analysis.

Learn More about Advanced Analysis

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