AGBT 2024 General Meeting

Caribe Royale Resort, Orlando, FLLink

NanoString Suite: Curacao 1

NanoString is a Bronze Sponsor of the 2024 AGBT General Meeting


Advances in Genome Biology and Technology General Meeting is considered the preeminent genome science and technology conference where top global researchers, leaders and innovators meet to announce new discoveries, cutting edge breakthroughs and to collaborate.

NanoString Sponsor Workshop

Wednesday, February 7 | 3:35 – 3:50 p.m.
Location: Palms Ballroom II & III

Circular portrait of Joe Beechem

NanoString Spatial Biology Roadmap: the Holy Grail of Spatial is Here 

Joseph Beechem, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer and Senior Vice President of Research and Development, NanoString Technologies

“Morning Buzz” with NanoString

Kickstart your Tuesday at 8:00 AM by joining Joe Beechem, guest speakers and invited guests in our suite for a roundtable discussion. Explore the latest trends in Spatial Biology and experience the power of plex.

Tuesday, February 6 at 8am in Curacao Suite 1

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Circular portrait of Joe Beechem

Joe Beechem, PhD

NanoString Technologies

Headshot of Miranda Orr

Miranda Orr, PhD

Wake Forest University

Arutha Kulasinge, PhD

Queensland University