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nCounter® Analysis Systems require the use of consumables to perform post-hybridization processing and image scanning.  Select the right product solution based on your nCounter instrument. 

  • nCounter Pro Consumables
  • nCounter Sprint Profiler Consumables

How it Works

nCounter Pro Consumables
nCounter SPRINT Profiler Consumables
nCounter Pro Consumables

The nCounter Master Kit provides all the consumables and reagents needed to perform any nCounter assay on the nCounter Pro Analysis System. Each Master Kit contains nCounter Cartridges, Prep Plates, and a Prep Pack, which includes racked tips and foil piercers, a 12 sample strip tube, strip tube caps, tube sheaths, cartridge well seals, and hybridization buffer. Master Kits are available for 12, 48, or 192 samples..

  • A single nCounter Cartridge can process twelve samples
  • All reagents and consumables are included in one kit
  • No prep or dilutions required
  • Arrives ready-to-run
nCounter SPRINT Profiler Consumables

Running samples on the nCounter SPRINT Profiler requires two types of consumables, the nCounter SPRINT microfluidic sample cartridge and the nCounter SPRINT Profiler Reagent Pack. The nCounter SPRINT Reagent Pack contains the bulk running buffers and reagents necessary to process 192 nCounter assays (16 runs, each for running up to 12 samples).

  • Magnetic bead purification and imaging take place directly on the SPRINT’s microfluidic sample cartridge
  • No reagent preparation or dilutions are required

Product Information

Pro Consumables
SPRINT Consumables
Catalog Information
Pro Consumables

nCounter Master Kit components for use with the nCounter Pro instrument are sold in separate boxes under different shipping conditions. Individual components may be purchased separately as required.

SPRINT Consumables

The nCounter Sprint Consumables are shipped in separate boxes under different shipping conditions. Individual components may be purchased separately as required.

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