This page is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a).

The following United States (U.S.) Patents apply to NanoString Technologies’ products, including but not limited to, nCounter®, GeoMx®, CosMx™, AtoMx™ as well as Prosigna® which we manufacture on behalf of Veracyte, Inc.:

U.S. Patent Numbers: 7,919,237; 7,941,279; 8,415,102; 8,519,115; 8,986,926; 9,371,563; 9,376,712; 9,714,446; 9,714,937; 9,856,519 9,890,419; 9,995,739; 10,077,466; 10,246,700; 10,415,080; 10,501,777; 10,640,816; 11,098,301; 11,279,969; 11,377,689; D787,700

The following Europe, Australia, Canada, Japan and China Patents also apply to NanoString Technologies’ products:

Europe Patent Numbers: EP1448581; EP1963500; EP1963531; EP2030011; EP2331704; EP2488876; EP2516681; EP2547795; EP3162900; EP3221469; EP3223947; EP3696280

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China Patent Numbers: ZL201580073880.8; ZL201580074230.5; ZL201680054038.4

Additional patents pending in the U.S. and elsewhere.