Letter from Our CEO

April 18, 2024

Dear Customers and Partners,

I am pleased to share with you that NanoString has finalized an asset acquisition agreement with Bruker Corporation that secures the future of our market-leading technologies. The sale agreement followed a competitive bidding process that underscored the value of NanoString’s innovations, its large loyal customer base, and the strength of our commercial activities. Our agreement with Bruker provides NanoString, its employees and customers the assurance that NanoString technology has a bright future.

Bruker will hire the vast majority of NanoString’s workforce, and purchase substantially all of NanoString’s assets, including its manufacturing and commercial operations and assume certain legal liabilities. Importantly, this acquisition reinvigorates our cash position, strengthens our capacity to serve customers, and provides commitment and resources for our ambitious research and development roadmap.

Bruker is a global scientific instrument company with 8500 employees dedicated to providing the life sciences industry high performance analytical and diagnostic solutions that enable scientists to explore life and materials at the cellular level. The company offers the market leading solutions in preclinical imaging, clinical phenomics research, proteomics and multiomics, spatial and single-cell biology, functional structural and condensate biology, as well as in clinical microbiology and molecular diagnostics.

While another group of investors offered the first bid for NanoString on March 10th, Bruker ultimately offered the winning bid on April 17, completing the court-supervised auction. NanoString’s leadership in spatial biology proved to be an enormous driver of this deal. The Bruker team is especially enthusiastic about our entrepreneurial spirit and R & D roadmap to commercially launch the CosMx Whole Transcriptome Panel in 2025.

We anticipate the deal will close in several weeks, which will enable us to swiftly conclude our restructuring.

We are grateful for the extensive support and encouragement from all our customers over the last several months. We are pleased to put a challenging period behind us and launch this promising new chapter.


Brad Gray
President and CEO, NanoString Technologies, Inc.