3 platforms – Unlimited potential | Live from the CX Lab in Amsterdam


Connect on Wednesday 25th January, 2023 for another episode of the Live from the CX Lab Webinar Series hosted from our Customer Experience Laboratory in Amsterdam. Get a fully immersive experience and see how our technologies can be applied to your research.

During this webinar, our CX team, lead by Trieu My Van, Sr. CX Lab Manager and supported by Lilian Brewer Lisboa, Application Scientist, will highlight how our 3 platforms can accelerate your biomedical research by providing personalized and scalable solutions solutions that get you to results quicker:

For Research Use Only.  Not for Use in Diagnostic Procedures.


Trieu My Van

Senior Manager, CX Labs and Netherlands Site Lead, NanoString

Lillian Brewer Lisboa

Application Scientist, CX Lab Amsterdam, NanoString