Detailed mechanistic understanding of drug activity by combining spatial biology with trackable drug microdosing in patients with solid tumors


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Join us for a deep dive into NanoString’s spatial biology offerings. This webinar will discuss capabilites for both the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) and CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI) for clinical studies. Guest speakers from Presage Biosciences will share a clinical trials case study.

Tumor response to drug exposure is highly influenced by the composition and activity state of the tumor microenvironment.  To bridge the gap between evaluation of new investigational agent in laboratory models and clinical studies, Presage has developed a technology called CIVO. CIVO provides a means to generate detailed understanding of response for up to 8 drugs and drug combinations simultaneously in the native TME of patient tumors. Here, in a first of its kind Phase 0 clinical trial, we combine trackable drug microdosing of an investigational SUMOylation inhibitor with two spatial biology platforms, NanoString’s GeoMx DSP and CosMx DMP, to elicit the effects of drug exposure on the TME of patients with head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC).


Richard Klinghoffer, PhD

Chief Executive Officer, Presage Biosciences