DGPatho 2023 Industry Symposium | Discover what’s new in spatial biology

Saal 5, Congress Center Leipzig (CCL), Leipzig, Germany

NanoString invites you to join this industry symposium to find out how NanoString Technologies can extend your research possibilities from high-plex multi-omic spatial biology to spatial single cell analysis.

Would you like to meet spatial experts and learn about Spatial Biology and how can be used to answer important research and clinical questions?

Join us to explore the Universe of Spatial Biology!


12:30-12:55Explore the Universe of Spatial Biology with NanoString Technlogies’ by Dr. Dorothee Preimel

12:55-13:20 – ‘Analyzing tumor immunogenicity and TME using digital bulk and spatial transcriptomics in translational cancer research‘, by Dr. Fabian Mairinger, Universitätsklinikum Essen, Institut für Pathologie, Essen

13:20-13:30 Q&A

To request more details, please contact Alexandra Brandt at albrandt@nanostring.com.

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Dorothee Preimel, PhD

Technical Sales Specialist, NanoString

Fabian Dominick Mairinger, PhD

Universitätsklinikum Essen, Institut für Pathologie, Essen