Gene Expression Analysis Simplified with the nCounter Analysis System

In-Person Seminar
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center - Conference Room B1-072/074

The nCounter® Analysis System is available through the Genomics Core at Fred Hutch

Join us at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to learn more about the nCounter® Analysis System’s workflow which provides a more simple, secure, and reliable technology for gene expression.

The nCounter® Analysis System provides a cost-effective automated solution for multiplex expression analysis of 800+ targets. The simple workflow requires just 15 minutes of hands-on time and produces highly reproducible data in ~24 hours.

  • Extensive panel menu with option to customize existing panels with up to 55 user-defined targets with Panel Plus
  • More efficient and cost-effective workflow and analysis for miRNA Expression
  • Robust performance on difficult sample types including FFPE, biofluids and lysates


Kaitlyn LaCourse, Ph.D.
Field Application Scientist
NanoString Technologies, Inc.
Neel Dey
Assistant Professor, Clinical Research Division
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
Using nCounter technology to identify colonic field effects of a tumorigenic microbiome
Leah Schmidt
Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Greenberg lab
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center
T cell therapy remodels the lung tumor microenvironment toward neutrophil-activated phenotypes

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