Global Engage International Spatial Biology Congress 2023 | Rotterdam

The Netherlands World Trade Center, Rotterdam

Event Overview

The International Spatial Biology Congress presents over 20 presentations and interactive discussions to dive deeper into the latest spatial technologies and research. The event highlights how to use spatial multi-omics advances the discovery of novel molecular insights in oncology, immunology, neurology, and infectious disease, as well as the future opportunities of this rapidly developing field.

To schedule a meeting with our team during the 2nd ISBC 2023, please contact Rachid El Morabiti at

NanoString Symposium | Thursday 6 July | 18:10-18:30 PM

Symposium location: Rotterdam Hall A
Networking location: Rotterdam Hall B

NanoString Spatial Biology Roadmap: from tissue Digital Spatial Profiling to single cell Spatial Molecular Imaging

Discover the world of Spatial Biology with the NanoString solutions from tissue profiling to in situ single cell discovery. Count and visualize 6K RNAs or up to 100 proteins, in situ, with subcellular precision, with CosMx™ SMI. Identify morphological context in spatial transcriptomics and proteomics experiments from just one FFPE slide with GeoMx® DSP. Combine discovering and profiling for the ultimate Spatial research utility, from biomarker discovery to the clinical application.


Circular portrait of Amanda Mason

Amanda Mason, PhD

Field Application Scientist, NanoString