J.P. Morgan 2024 Healthcare Conference

Tradeshow/Conference, Webinar
The Westin St. Francis, San Francisco, CA

Tune in live for the audio stream of Brad Gray, Chief Executive Officer, NanoString Technologies, present at JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2024. Key highlights will include:

  • Scientific Breakthrough: NanoString achieves the first true single-cell whole transcriptome imaging, using CosMx SMI platform to visualize every human protein-coding gene, thus revolutionizing spatial biology. 
  • Introduction of CosMx Whole Transcriptome Panel: Transformative product images almost 19,000 genes at once, providing 40x coverage compared to competitors. Enables cost-effective, high-throughput exploration of millions of cells for unprecedented insights.
  • Commercial Launch of CosMx 6K Discovery Panel: NanoString to launch CosMx Human 6K Discovery Panel in Q1 2024. Empowers researchers for deeper cell exploration, intricate interactions, and unprecedented spatial insights.