LIVE from the Lab! CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager Workflow


Now available On-Demand!

Join us for part two of our LIVE from the Lab seminar series! Get a deep dive into the power workflow of the CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager with expert Ankush Tyagi, M.S. from our Seattle Customer Experience Lab. Ask questions, interact with colleagues and learn how to elevate your single-cell research.

Understanding different cell types, how cells behave with one another, and their purpose enhances our ability to interpret biology and disease. CosMx allows researchers to comprehensively map single cells in their native environment, extracting deeper biological insights from a single experiment, enabling novel discoveries. 

CosMx SMI with the highest-plex assay (1000 RNA transcripts and 64 protein targets) enables researchers to achieve more from a single experiment – cell atlasing, cell-cell interaction, cell co-localization, reference mapping (neighborhood analysis), signaling pathway analysis all from one single run.  An end to end spatial solution from automated workflow to an integrated cloud-based informatics platform (AtoMx), providing broad data analysis, easy data storage and sharing.


Ankush Tyagi, MS

Field Application Scientist, NanoString