Lunch & Learn at Oxford | NanoString Spatial Solutions

In-Person Seminar
Innovation Centre Milton Science Park, Oxford, UK

Join us!

Join us for an overview of NanoString’s spatial multi-omics
platform and how these platforms are addressing current
challenges of therapeutic development.

Learn how the GeoMx® unlocks FFPE tissue samples and is an
essential tool in drug and biomarker discovery including
target discovery, elucidating mechanisms of action/
resistance and validating existing molecular data with spatial

Understand how you can leverage the CosMx Single-Cell
Molecular Imager for unprecedented cell-atlasing, cell-state
and function analysis and receptor-ligand interaction
discovery, all of which can remain elusive through bulk or
single cell sequencing alone.

Seminar Overview:
  • Overview of the GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler and CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager
  • Applications of the technology through preclinical and clinical case studies within IO and Neuroscience
  • Live Q&A

Presentation by:

Will McTavish, M.S.c.
European Pharma Technical Lead
NanoString Technologies

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