National Cancer Institute Seminar

In-Person Seminar, Virtual Seminar
National Institutes of Health, Building 37, 2nd floor vestibule, Bethesda, MD 20814Link

Gene Expression You Can Count On.

Direct gene expression with 800+ plex

Unleash the potential of multiplexed gene expression analysis with the powerful nCounter Analysis System. Explore its ability to simultaneously profile hundreds of gene signatures, providing you with valuable insights into complex biological systems.

Join us in person or virtually for this special presentation detailing the chemistry, workflow, pricing, logistics, case studies, and advantages of the nCounter Analysis System over traditional qPCR or NGS sequencing techniques.

nCounter Pro Analysis System instrument
nCounter Analysis System Pro

Key highlights of the seminar

  • Gain in-depth insights into NanoString Technologies’ nCounter Analysis System and its cutting-edge technology.
  • Explore the system’s ability to provide highly sensitive and precise measurements of gene expression, paving the way for accurate biomarker discovery and profiling.
  • Discover how the nCounter Analysis System accelerates research workflows, enabling rapid and robust data analysis.

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Christine Hipsky

Senior Consumables Sales Representative, NanoString