nCounter® TCR Diversity Panel: A Brief nCounter


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Join this Brief nCounter virtual experience with the scientist who designed the new nCounter® TCR Diversity Panel as she shares her insights about this new panel that enables the profiling of 129 human genes, including T cell receptor variable and constant regions and other T cell markers.

While you watch this 5 minute video, explore the shared resources to learn more about this panel which enables the direct quantification of TCR gene expression loci with minimal sample handling, an overnight incubation, and simplified data analysis and as such can provide insight into TCR diversity without information on clonotype sequencing.


Erin Piazza, PhD

Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, NanoString

Erin Piazza is the lead scientist for gene expression panel development at NanoString. She received her Ph.D. from Stanford University in Cancer Biology, where she studied the final member of the tubulin superfamily in Xenopus and investigated genes differentially expressed during ciliogenesis in mouse. Erin joined NanoString in the Fall of 2015 and enjoys mixing her deep background in oncology with her love of solving problems computationally.