New Approaches for CAR-T Cell Therapies: Technology Symposium featuring GeoMx and nCounter


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As the momentum with cellular therapies continues to grow and the field advances, the need for new and innovative tools becomes crucial. Several areas the field is tackling today include the development of therapies for solid tumors and ways to further characterize cellular therapies throughout the workflow to identify ways to further optimize or improve their performance and efficacy. NanoString has developed a program to support innovations in cellular therapies with our GeoMx and nCounter platforms and products.

Join this webinar to see exclusive content presented in the CAR-T technology symposium at SITC 2020. Collaborators from the University of Pennsylvania will share new ways of spatially profiling CAR-T in solid tumor and proof of principle data utilizing the CAR-T Characterization panel and customized transgene Panel Plus for molecular profiling of apheresis, final CAR-T product and transgene inserts.


Marco Ruella, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Ryan J. Golden, MD, PhD

Resident Physician in Clinical Pathology, Carl June Lab, University of Pennsylvania