New Multiplexed nCounter® PlexSet Reagents: An alternative to qPCR Technology


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The nCounter® Analysis System from NanoString® Technologies uses a novel molecular barcoding technology to measure multiplexed gene expression of up to 800 targets with simple, enzyme- free, direct probe hybridization and tabulates fluorescent barcodes to provide specific and precise digital data. The standard nCounter gene expression assay includes 12 samples per run. Here we present data from the newly released nCounter PlexSet™ assay which enables researchers to quickly evaluate up to 24 multiplexed targets directly from cell lysates for 96 samples per run. PlexSet Reagents are universal and can be combined with gene-specific probe oligos to digitally quantify any 24 targets directly from cell lysates and total purified RNA from FFPE samples.

The direct digital quantification (no enzymes or amplification), lyse-and-go capability, technical assay controls, high sensitivity, and simple data analysis make this an ideal alternative to standard qRT-PCR. We will report on our experience using this technology, and why we believe it could easily replace many of the qRT-PCR assays being conducted.

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Chris H. Lytle

Administrative Coordinator for Shared Resources; Lab Manager of the Molecular Biology Core Facility, Norris Cotton Cancer Center; Geisel School of Medicine, Dartmouth