The Tumor Inflammation Signature and Composite Biomarkers for Patient Stratification for Immunotherapy


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Join us for a webinar discussing Tumor Inflammation Signature (TIS) gene signature development and validation. Senior Scientist, Translational Science & Pathology, Dr. Sarah Church, will share the latest developments in TIS utility for immunotherapy clinical studies and, TIS correlation to other biomarkers, and use of TIS in composite biomarker testing programs for Immunotherapy. Stick around for live Q&A with the speaker!

Session Highlights

  • Overview of the Tumor Inflammation Signature (TIS)
  • TIS utility for clinical trials
  • TIS and treatment effect
  • TIS correlation to other biomarkers
  • Use of TIS in composite biomarker strategies for immunotherapy
  • Live Q&A


Sarah Church, PhD

Senior Scientist, NanoString

Sarah oversees strategic collaborations to help investigators utilize NanoString tools in their research with the goal of developing new biomarkers that can be deployed as clinical diagnostics. She also leads NanoString's data analysis service team to support customers to get the most out of their NanoString data. She has a PhD in molecular microbiology and immunology from Oregon Heath and Sciences University and BA in biology from Scripps College.