SingHealth Immunopathology Workshop 2023

In-Person Seminar

Learn about spatial RNA and protein expression at single-cell resolution!

NanoString invites you to join the SingHealth Immunopathology Workshop where there will be an exclusive NanoString workshop featuring a bioinformatics session working on spatial data, an AtoMx Spatial Informatics Portal demonstration, and the latest developments in NanoString’s Spatial Biology platforms.

The workshop will feature NanoString’s spatial multi-omic instruments and accompanying informatics portal:

Grant Announcement

In partnership with LifeStrands Genomics, we have provided $30,000 worth of services on the CosMx Spatial Molecular Imager as a part of our support for the workshop. As a part of your registration, you will submit and present a poster for the workshop. Don’t wait! Accelerate your research with access to the best-in-class multi-omic instrument.

Service Provider Partner: