Spatial Multiomics Research Workshop | Durban, South Africa

Nelson R. Mandela School of Medicine, University of KwaZulu-Natal, K-RITH Tower, Level 1 Seminar Rooms K1 & K2, Durban, South Africa

This intensive, interactive, and hands-on workshop will focus primarily on the theory and practice of spatial biology. It will feature morning lectures and afternoon practical sessions offered by world-leading imaging experts and technical assistants.

All participants will acquire fundamental skills in advanced immunohistochemistry, multi-omics technologies and applications, and data analysis.

A limited number of full and partial travel scholarships are available.

• Introduction to spatial biology
• Fundamentals of immunohistochemistry
• Multi-Omics technologies and applications
• The GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP) principles and applications
• Data analysis

View the workshop draft agenda here.

Speakers include:
• Prof. Adrie Steyn, Africa Health Research Institute
• Dr. Kathleen Busman-Sahay, Oregon Health & Sciences University
• Dr Mike Reiche and Dr. Caron Jacobs, University of Cape Town and Africa Microscopy Initiative
• Dr. Aida Freire Valls, NanoString Technologies
• Dr. Vasileios Kampanis, NanoString Technologies

Extended Deadline! Applications are accepted until 14th July, 2023