The role of INPP5D in microglial functions and amyloid pathogenesis


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Join us for a deep dive into the capabilities of bulk expression and spatial profiling for Neuroscience Research! During the presentation, we will provide an overview of both the nCounter® Analysis Systemand GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP)followed by a case study utilizing both systems for Alzheimer’s Disease research, and a live Q&A session.

NanoString offers two robust platforms for multiplexed proteomics and transcriptomics of challenging neuroscience sample types such as FFPE, cell lysates, and cerebrospinal fluid. The nCounter System and GeoMx DSP can be used in tandem with minimal hands-on time for bulk and spatial profiling of RNA or protein to generate accurate, repeatable, and insightful results in less than 24 hours that get you to your next neuroscience publication faster.


Min Mo, PhD

Senior Field Application Scientist, NanoString Technologies

Peter Bor-Chian Lin

PhD Candidate, Medical Neuroscience program, Indiana University School of Medicine