CosMx™ Human Immuno-Oncology Protein Panel

High Resolution Spatial Proteomic Analysis

The CosMx™ Human Immuno-Oncology Protein Panel enables high-plex spatial analysis of more than 64 proteins from a single FFPE slide at subcellular resolution. Profile expression of different Immune and Oncology-related proteins to get a comprehensive view of the spatial phenotyping landscape, including tissue heterogeneity, signaling pathways, and tumor progression.

How it works

The CosMx Protein Assays rely on antibodies coupled to unique oligonucleotide tags designed for an imaging-based readout on the CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI). CosMx SMI is an integrated system with cyclic fluorescent chemistry, high-resolution imaging, interactive data analysis and visualization software. This imaging-based readout yields a series of fluorescent protein images to provide relative protein abundance at single cell and subcellular resolution. All CosMx Protein assays undergo extensive antibody validation to ensure high quality data.



Comprehensive Coverage

Unique view of the spatial protein expression for tumor and immune response to enable cell profiling of immune and non-immune cells, including T cells, B cells, macrophages, NK cells, epithelia and stroma


Characterize Disease Biology

Includes markers to monitor immune activation, cytotoxicity, and key IO drug targets


Highly Curated Content

Content developed by industry experts



Customize with up to 8 additional protein targets of your choice

Advanced Cell Segmentation
Validated in Tissues
Advanced Cell Segmentation

Get more accurate cell segmentation with dedicated cell membrane and nuclear markers

Validated in Tissues




Breast Cancer

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