Spatial Organ Atlas: Liver

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Human Liver Metadata
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Human Liver Metadata

This cohort contains 4 samples:

  • Sex: Male
  • Race: Asian
  • Age Range: 47 years to 52 years
  • BMI: Unknown

Whole Transcriptome Atlas Profiling:

  • >18,000 genes​
  • 5μm FFPE tissue section​

Profiling Strategy:

  • 379 regions profiled​
  • Liver lobular zones (Zone 1, Zone 2, and Zone 3): (n=42, 51, 40; geometric profiling)
  • Portal triad (Bile Duct, Artery and Portal Vein) (n=24, 24, 24; geometric profiling)
  • Central Vein (n=25; geometric profiling)
  • Kupffer cells (surrounding Portal Vein, surrounding Central Vein, and the lobular area): (n=24, 23, 24; CD68+ cell-type profiling)
  • Sinusoids and Stellate cells (surrounding Portal Vein, surrounding Central Vein and the lobular area) (n=24, 23, 24; SMA+ cell type profiling)
  • Fibroblasts (n=7; geometric profiling)

Morphology Markers:​

  • CK8/18: Hepatocytes
  • CD68: ​Kupffer cells
  • SMA: Sinusoid
  • DNA: Nuclei
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