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January 12, 2024 / Am J Transplant

  • Nevarez-Mejia J, Pickering H, Sosa RA, Valenzuela NM, Fishbein GA, Baldwin WM 3rd, Fairchild RL, Reed EF
Cardiac allograft vasculopathy (CAV) causes late graft failure and mortality after heart transplantation. Donor-specific antibodies (DSAs) lead to chronic endothelial cell injury, inflammation, and arterial intimal thickening. In this study,…
November 25, 2023 / Commun Biol

  • Lancaster JJ, Grijalva A, Fink J, Ref J, Daugherty S, Whitman S, Fox K, Gorman G, Lancaster LD, Avery R, Acharya T, McArthur A, Strom J, Pierce MK, Moukabary T, Borgstrom M, Benson D, Mangiola M, Pandey AC, Zile MR, Bradshaw A, Koevary JW, Goldman S
There are nearly 65 million people with chronic heart failure (CHF) globally, with no treatment directed at the pathologic cause of the disease, the loss of functioning cardiomyocytes. We have…
October 27, 2023 / Am J Transplant

  • Nevarez-Mejia J, Harry C Pickering, Rebecca A Sosa, Gregory A Fishbein, William M. Baldwin III, Robert L. Fairchild, Elaine F Reed
HLA donor-specific antibodies (DSA) elicit alloimmune responses against the graft vasculature, leading to endothelial cell (EC) activation and monocyte infiltration during antibody-mediated rejection (AMR). AMR promotes chronic inflammation and remodeling,…
September 6, 2023 / Front Immunol

  • Parreau S, Molina E, Dumonteil S, Goulabchand R, Naves T, Bois MC, Akil H, Terro F, Fauchais A-L, Liozon E, Jauberteau M-O, Weyand CM, Ly KH
Objective: To identify the key coding genes underlying the biomarkers and pathways associated with giant cell arteritis (GCA), we performed an in situ spatial profiling of molecules involved in the…
August 10, 2023 / Int J Mol Sci

  • Laird J, Perera G, Batorsky R, Wang H, Arkun K, Chin MT
Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) is a common inherited disorder that can lead to heart failure and sudden cardiac death, characterized at the histological level by focal areas of myocyte disarray, hypertrophy…
February 11, 2023 / J Cereb Blood Flow Metab

  • Loppi SH, Tavera-Garcia MA, Becktel DA, Maiyo BK, Johnson KE, Nguyen TV, Schnellmann RG, Doyle KP
The goal of this study was to evaluate changes in metabolic homeostasis during the first 12 weeks of recovery in a distal middle cerebral artery occlusion mouse model of stroke.…
September 16, 2022 / Circ Res

  • Liu J, Ma P, Lai L, Villanueva A, Koenig A, Bean GR, Bowles DE, Glass C, Watson M, Lavine KJ, Lin CY
April 28, 2022 / Geroscience

  • Bruno MEC, Mukherjee S, Powell WL, Mori SF, Wallace FK, Balasuriya BK, Su LC, Stromberg AJ, Cohen DA, Starr ME
April 14, 2022 / Mater Today Bio

  • Arslan U, Moruzzi A, Nowacka J, Mummery CL, Eckardt D, Loskill P, Orlova VV
December 17, 2021 / Front Cell Dev Biol

  • Shafaattalab S, Li AY, Gunawan MG...Solaro RJ, Qu Z, Tibbits GF
November 18, 2021 / Biomolecules

  • Thottakara T, Lund N, Krämer E, Kirchhof P, Carrier L, Patten M