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September 30, 2023 / Alzheimers Dement

  • Walker JM, Orr ME, Orr TC, Thorn EL, Christie TD, Yokoda RT, Vij M, Ehrenberg AJ, Marx GA, McKenzie AT, Kauffman J, Selmanovic E, Wisniewski T, Drummond E, White CL 3rd, Crary JF, Farrell K, Kautz TF, Daoud EV, Richardson TE
INTRODUCTION: Alzheimer's disease (AD) and primary age-related tauopathy (PART) both harbor 3R/4R hyperphosphorylated-tau (p-tau)-positive neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs) but differ in the spatial p-tau development in the hippocampus. METHODS: Using Nanostring…
September 20, 2023 / Neurobiol Dis

  • Israel LL, Oliver Braubach, Ekaterina S. Shatalova, Oksana Chepurna, Sachin Sharma, Dmytro Klymyshyn, Anna Galstyan, Antonella Chiechi, Alysia Cox, David Herman, Bishop Bliss, Irene Hasen, Amanda Ting, Rebecca Arechavala, Michael T. Kleinman, Rameshwar Patil, Eggehard Holler, Julia Y. Ljubimova, Maya Koronyo-Hamaoui, Tao Sun, Keith L. Black
Air pollution poses a significant threat to human health, though a clear understanding of its mechanism remains elusive. In this study, we sought to better understand the effects of various…
September 19, 2023 / Commun Biol

  • Camp CR, Vlachos A, Klöckner C, Krey I, Banke TG, Shariatzadeh N, Ruggiero SM, Galer P, Park KL, Caccavano A, Kimmel S, Yuan X, Yuan H, Helbig I, Benke TA, Lemke JR, Pelkey KA, McBain CJ, Traynelis SF
N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDARs) are ligand-gated ionotropic glutamate receptors that mediate a calcium-permeable component to fast excitatory neurotransmission. NMDARs are heterotetrameric assemblies of two obligate GluN1 subunits (GRIN1) and two GluN2…
September 11, 2023 / Biomed Pharmacother

  • Song G, Plumlee P, Ahn JY, Wong ST, Zhao H
The blood-brain barrier (BBB) plays a critical role in determining the effectiveness of systemic treatments for brain diseases. Over the years, several innovative approaches in BBB opening and drug delivery…
January 12, 2022 / EMBO J

  • Reifschneider A, Robinson S, van Lengerich B...Paquet D, Capell A, Haass C