Spatial Organ Calendar 2023 News

Thank you for ordering the 2023 Spatial Biology Calendar with a set of tissue images captured either by GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler or CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager that were provided by researchers from across the world who participated in the 2022 Spatial Biology Image Contest.

Every page acknowledges the researcher and the science behind each tissue image. Make sure you check the QR code every month to get regular updates including upcoming events and grants.

Just Released!

NEW CosMx™ SMI Mouse Brain FFPE Dataset

We are thrilled to announce our groundbreaking CosMx™ SMI Mouse Brain FFPE Dataset, a treasure trove of knowledge awaiting your exploration. This dataset, derived from precious FFPE samples, offers an unprecedented opportunity to delve into the intricate complexities of the brain and unravel the mysteries of neural biology:

  • Over 1500 transcripts per cell!
  • 800+ unique genes!
  • 90,000+ single cells!
  • ~225 million transcripts!

Dive into high-plex, single-cell tissue analysis and uncover unprecedented biology within the brain.

Spatially resolved transcript location of mRNA targets overlaid with morphology stain. 

Current Activities

OPEN NOW | The spatial biology image contest is BACK in 2023!

Participate and celebrate how Spatial Biology can bring together science, data and art! We invite you to submit their most stunning spatial biology images obtained with one or more of NanoString’s spatial biology instruments: GeoMx DSP® and CosMx™ SMI. Winning entries will be awarded a travel grant and cover space on the 2024 calendar! 

You have time until September 15th!

Customer Experience Labs

Equipped with our 3 platforms and connected to AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Platform (SIP), our teams in Seattle & Amsterdam provide personalized advice and access to our solutions with the aim of maximizing your NanoString experience and bring your research to the next level. 

Tours, Test drives and Training

Are you considering our technologies and would like to see them in action? Are you ready to test them on your own samples? Take a look at the different possibilities we offer from virtual/live demos to test drives.  

Upcoming Webinars & Events

Live from the Customer Experience Lab in Amsterdam: GeoMx® DSP from sample to data

Leica Biosystems, Illumina and NanoString invite you to connect with us for the next ‘Live from the CX Lab’ webinar on Tuesday 12th September. This latest edition is focused on the GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler workflow.

Guest speaker: Olivier Govaere, KU Leuven, Belgium

Celebrating 20 Years Enabling Science and Gene Expression Excellence

On Tuesday 5th September, Darragh Duffy will present the pivotal role of nCounter in his research at Pasteur Institute. His testimonial will provide real-world insights into the tangible impact of nCounter on advancing scientific discoveries.

Guest Speaker: Darragh Duffy, Institute Pasteur, France

Meet us in-person at one of the upcoming roadshows and conferences

Discover what’s new in spatial biology by meeting with us during one Spatial Biology Day or an at conference. Check out our event page to see where we will be next:

Webinars On-demand

Spatial Informatics 101: Intro to Spatial Biology Data Analysis

Come join us and see how our informatics solutions when combined with the GeoMx DSP and CosMx SMI platforms can help you make discoveries faster. We will highlight data analysis with GeoMx® Data Analysis Suite and NanoString-published open-source tools. Additionally, webinar attendees will get a first live look at our new cloud-based informatics solution, AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Platform, for CosMx™ data analysis.

AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Platform, the cloud computing suite for spatial multiomics data analysis
Data analysis with AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Platform

Spatial Biology 102: Intro to CosMx™

Join us for a webinar hosted by NanoString CSO and SVP of RnD  Joseph Beechem, PhD to learn everything you wanted to know about single cell spatial at the highest plex. View the future of CosMx SMI, introducing, 6,000-plex RNA. The highest plex of any spatial imager with applications in single cell atlasing, identifying functional cell states, defining the ligand-receptor interactome, characterizing tissue microenvironment phenotypes and biomarker discovery. 

Image obtained with CosMx 6K RNA Panel. Ligand co-localization in human brain.

Spatial Biology 101: Intro to GeoMx® DSP

Join us for a webinar co-sponsored with Illumina to learn everything you wanted to know about spatial biology but were too afraid to ask!  

  • How can you do a spatial biology experiment? 
  • How is it different from multiplex immunofluorescence staining? 
  • How do you design your experiment? 
  • Learn the answers to these questions and more as we dive into the technology that kickstarted the spatial biology revolution
Morphology driven region of interest (ROI) selection with GeoMx DSP.