Abcam Partnership

Screen the world’s largest catalog of IHC-validated IO antibodies with Abcam and NanoString’s GeoMx® DSP 

NanoString has partnered with Abcam to develop spatial proteomic assays for the GeoMx Digital Spatial Profiler (DSP). Containing nearly all IHC-compatible antibodies from Abcam’s extensive immuno-oncology (IO) portfolio, the GeoMx IO Proteome Atlas (IPA) provides an extraordinary advancement in the field of spatial proteomics. GeoMx IPA is the highest-plex spatial proteomics panel available for FFPE and fresh frozen tissue sections. It enables broad biomarker discovery for translational research and provides researchers with more than five times the content of any competing panel. Rapidly discover new protein biomarkers and drug targets by non-destructively profiling over 570 proteins in different tissue compartments such as the tumor, microenvironment, and the immune infiltrate.

Get more comprehensive biological information per slide than any traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC) or immunofluorescent (IF) assay while seamlessly integrating GeoMx IPA into your lab with a histology compatible workflow by taking the open-source clone information to Abcam for your downstream IHC validation. 

The launch of the GeoMx IPA is the latest development in a long-standing collaboration between NanoString and Abcam to provide high-quality, validated antibodies for use with NanoString’s spatial biology platforms. Prior to the launch of the GeoMx IPA, NanoString and Abcam announced the inclusion of Abcam-validated antibodies in the first 64-plex protein panel for NanoString’s CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager.

About the GeoMx IPA

Although the content is targeted for IO research, the GeoMx IPA has broad applicability beyond cancer, including research areas such as infectious disease, organ transplant, autoimmunity, metabolism, and epigenetics. 

The GeoMx IPA assay can enable researchers to: 

  • Spatially profile FFPE tissue using over 570+ of Abcam’s IHC-validated IO antibodies in a single assay,  simplifying the search for new protein biomarkers and drug targets with unrivaled plex. Antibodies can also be used individually for further single target or lower plex investigation.
  • Obtain more comprehensive biological information from precious tissue samples than traditional immunohistochemistry (IHC) or immunofluorescence (IF) assays. 
  • Discover novel IO drug targets by profiling the expression of over 570 protein targets from a single FFPE tissue section. 
  • Profile the whole human transcriptome and IO proteome from a single slide by combining GeoMx IPA with the GeoMx Human Whole Transcriptome Atlas (WTA) for same-slide spatial multiomic analysis

The combination of NanoString’s GeoMx IPA and WTA offers researchers unprecedented levels of data in the largest ever spatial proteomic panel of its kind. The panel leverages the unique capabilities of GeoMx DSP to non-destructively and quantitatively profile protein expression over five logs of dynamic range in distinct compartments such as the tumor, stroma, and immune contexture. Researchers can run GeoMx IPA as a standalone assay or in conjunction with GeoMx WTA and can even layer GeoMx IPA data with previously collected WTA data to easily analyze the two datasets. 

Animation of gene names from the GeoMx IO Proteome Atlas on an evening sky