Introducing CosMx™ Human Whole Transcriptome Panel

Available 2025

Elevate to the Ultimate Plex

Are you interested in unbiased differential gene expression, defining the entire ligand-receptor interactome or discovering novel biomarkers all from intact tissue? If so, the CosMx Human Whole Transcriptome panel is here to show you biology you’ve never experienced before. With its ability to analyze the entire transcriptome at true single cell level at the highest plex, this panel will be a powerful tool. Maximize your research — choose the CosMx SMI and elevate to the highest-plex single cell spatial biology today.  

How it Works

With CosMx Human Whole Transcriptome move beyond near single-cell resolution profilers and unlock the Next Generation of Spatial Single-Cell. Discover new, rare cell types with millions of cells per experiment without the challenges of scRNA-seq. CosMx SMI enables researchers to see what they’ve been missing out on in tissue samples and expands spatial applications to more than just cell typing. 


Covers >18,000 RNA targets for full coverage across all protein encoding genes


Best-in-class, multimodal cell segmentation methods for accurate downstream data analysis


Compatible with a wide range of tissues to provide full coverage for single-cell spatial biology


Available for human samples with added benefit of customization options

Human Pancreas Dataset

To showcase the power of the CosMx Human Whole Transcriptome panel, we’ve assembled a comprehensive dataset using it on a human pancreas. This dataset was generated using a prototype version of the panel and related software, and the performance of the new capability is expected to improve in the commercial version.

CosMx Human Whole Transcriptome Human Pancreas Dataset visualization overview

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Publications & Posters

Spatial Single-Cell Whole Transcriptome Profiling of Human Tissues and Fixed Cells Using Spatial Molecular Imaging – AGBT 2024