Analysing CosMx SMI data, a researchers perspective


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Guest Speaker Helena Crowell, a bioinformatician from the Holger Heyn Lab at CNAG, will share there experience on analyzing data generated by the CosMx™ Spatial Molecular Imager (SMI) from a Whole Transcriptome (WTx) project studying tubulovillous adenomas. Helena will provide insights on handling extensive data to achieve accurate, targeted, and interpretable results.

Additionally, our in-house experts will introduce AtoMx™ Spatial Informatics Platform, a cloud-based, fully integrated solution for spatial biology. Regardless of your computational experience, this platform offers tools for analyzing and visualizing large amounts of spatial multiomics data.

15:00 CEST 09:00 ESTGeneral overview and introduction to CosMx & AtoMx technologies
Christoph Koenig, NanoString
15:25 CEST
09:25 EST
Whole-transcriptome spatial molecular imaging of Tubullovillous adenomas: Towards new vistas on their emergence and progression to colorectal cancer
Helena Crowell, Post Doctoral Fellow, Heyn lab, CNAG
15:55 CEST
09:55 EST
Q&A and closing


Christoph König

Senior Product Application Scientist, NanoString

Helena Crowell, PhD

PostDoc, CNAG, Barcelona, Spain