Discovering the Future: Spatial Biology Unveiled | CHU Caen Normandie

In-Person Seminar
CHU Caen Normandie, Bâtiment de Biologie Recherche, Salle de réunion Anapath – N1.035, Caen, France

We invite you for an illuminating seminar, “Discovering the Future: Spatial Biology Unveiled,” hosted by NanoString.

Spatial Biology is revolutionizing the way we understand biology, from unraveling complex disease mechanisms to advancing drug discovery and development. In this engaging event, we will demystify the fascinating world of Spatial Biology and its profound implications for researchers, clinicians, and industry professionals across various fields.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the Spatial Biology revolution with GeoMx® DSP presented during this seminar. Join us and embark on a journey towards unlocking the mysteries of biology like never before.


12:15Welcome and opening with Luce Dauphinot, InnovaSeq
12:20Discovering the Future: Spatial Biology Unveiled with Florian Barré, NanoString Technologies
13:10Closing remarks plus Q&A

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Florian Barré, PhD

Regional Account Manager, NanoString