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Spatial Gene Expression Add-On to HuWTA or CTA

Spike-in the TCR Profiling Add-On to the Human Whole Transcriptome Atlas or Cancer Transcriptome Atlas and spatially profile the expression of different T Cell Receptor (TCR) Variable and Joining segments in FFPE or fresh frozen tissue in response to disease onset, progression, treatment, and/or vaccination.

How it Works

The TCR Profiling Add-On assay for GeoMx® DSP contains probes for 146 Variable and Joining segments across all four Human TCR receptor loci — Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta — plus 50 negative control targets and 6 positive T cell controls, and is the first commercially available spatial assay for profiling TCR diversity in FFPE tissue sections.

Combined with the GeoMx HuWTA or CTA assays, which contain probes for TCR Constant regions and key markers of T Cell phenotype and activation status, the TCR Profiling Add-On is a powerful tool that enables you to fully understand the adaptive T cell immune response to different diseases and/or therapeutic treatment.



Elevate your Spatial Biology Experiment

Add an additional dimension to your GeoMx experiment to better understand the in-situ T cell adaptive immune response in health and disease.


Annotated Content



Customize your assay with up to 400 spike-in probes for RNA targets including additional T cell markers, non-coding RNA, synthetic DNA, or exogenous genes such as chimeric antigen receptors for CAR-T cell therapy.


Integrated Analysis

A GeoMx DSP DA Plug-in is available now, and a BioConductor vignette will be released in Fall 2023. These data analysis packages enable researchers to QC and normalize their data, calculate limit of quantification (LOQ) per area of illumination (AOI), and calculate commonly used TCR-specific diversity statistics like Shannon entropy and the Gini coefficient. Generate heatmaps, volcano plots, and see spatial distribution of TCR-related targets.


The GeoMx TCR Profiling Add-On can used in combination with the HuWTA or the CTA to spatially profile in FFPE or fresh frozen tissue the effect of disease onset/progression and/or treatment response/vaccination for any number of application areas:

  • Understanding the effect of CAR-T cells or engineered T cells on the T cell adaptive immune response to cancer
  • Monitoring the effect of vaccination or the impact of disease resolution on the T cell response to infectious disease
  • Studying the impact of T cell mediated organ rejection in solid organ transplantation
  • Using spatial localization of T cell receptor diversity as a potentially predictive or prognostic biomarker for disease progression, severity, or treatment response

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