CosMx™ SMI vs. Xenium: Superior In Situ Single-Cell Performance Study

Exciting results from the comparative study of 16 colon tissue blocks with CosMx SMI & Xenium using data from Parambir Dulai, MD from Northwestern Medicine Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago.

Are you ready to witness a systematic comparative study for single-cell spatial analysis platforms? To assist researchers in their assessment of spatial molecular imager performance, researchers have conducted a well-controlled comparison between CosMx SMI and Xenium.

Watch the video to see how CosMx SMI outperforms Xenium when it comes to key performance and discoverable biology:

Key takeaways from Dr. Dulai’s webinar:

  • CosMx SMI provides higher genomic breadth
  • CosMx SMI results in higher cell typing consistency
  • Cell segmentation is important for data accuracy
  • CosMx SMI performs consistently across samples independent of RNA quality

Comparison of CosMx 1K Universal & Xenium 377-plex Multi-Tissue and Cancer Panel

CosMx measures ~6x more genes per cell than Xenium from 16 colon tissue samples

Comparison attempts to date have failed to consider critical experimental design considerations

Importance for controlled variables:​

  • Consistent sample preparation time is crucial​
  • Avoid biases caused by deviating from recommended protocols

Necessity for multiple biological replicates:​

  • Enhances reliability and generalizability of findings​
  • Reduces risk of inaccurate conclusions based on limited data
Previous StudiesThis Study
Just one biological replicate (n=1)16 tissue blocks from 11 patients
44-day old TMA sectionsFresh-cut samples
Past comparative studies have not implemented equally robust design parameters.

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